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What we do

Creative Story Telling
Teaching Memory Verses
Basic Pupperty

IIn this workshop I tell the interactive story of forgetful freddy. Then we go over all the ellements of good story telling. and how to make the message memorable.

In this fun workshop we learn methods and games to teach and learn memory verses

In this workshop you will learn the basics of pupperty mulitation, how to bring your puppet to life. how to use a puppet for worship or story telling

Using Illusions to get Attention

Teach bibical truths using magic tricks. in this workshop you will learn tricks to emphasize your lesson or to get the attention of your audience.


 Teaching Through Balloon Art

spreading the Gospel through balloon art. This workshop is good for the whole family, It can be used as a fundraiser workshop, preparation for a missions trip, Carnival or the worhshop can even be an outreach itself.

Introduction to Escape Artistry
Teaching to Change Lives

In this workshop you will learn 3 major escapes. First how to escpe from having your hands bound, then tied up with rope, then chains and shackles. This is great for gathering a crowd on a missions trip.

In this workshop we go over why we teach and put into practices that have a result of changing lives.



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